Personal Agile Development

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As a developer involved with a number of projects, it can be a challenge to stay on top of bug reports, research new technologies, and maintain existing code. In light of this, agile development practices are good. They let us take large tasks and break them down into small, manageable deliverables.

Sprint planning

In the “sprint planning” phase the team typically selects a number of tasks that they determine can be completed within a fixed amount of time, based on the amount of time it took to complete similar tasks in past sprints.

Personal daily sprints

I do small, daily sprints with my self. I plan out what tasks I need and can get done for a particular day and this gives me a benchmark for the future. Agile is just a model, a reusable model that can be applied to anything. For me at least, it is helpful to know how much I can do in a day. It prevents me from getting overwhelmed by incoming assignments and it lets me easily determine when I need to start delegating tasks.